Most recent update: Version 2.1.2, January 7, 2007

There are four packages in the set:
DEPlot, PhasePlot, NDPlot, PlotImplicit, TimeStatePlot, ViewProjections, PoincareTimeSection


SeparableSolve, FOLDSolve, BernoulliDSolve, RiccatiDSolve, SeriesDSolve, SecondSolution, Operator, GreensFunction, and extensions to DSolve and NDSolve for linear systems


TakeColumn, DropColumn, ReplaceColumn, AppendColumn, PrependColumn, InsertColumn


FourierSum, FourierCosSum, FourierSinSum, NFourierSum, NFourierCosSum, NFourierSinSum

Click to view HTML versions of the package documentation. (This is old stuff from version 1.0.)

DEGraphics      DETools      MatrixTools      FourierTools


Installation is simple:

  1. Download the file (88K) and unzip it. What you'll have then is a folder named DiffEqs.
  2. Place the DiffEqs folder inside AddOns:Applications --- that is, within Mathematica’s Applications folder which is inside the AddOns folder. (Macintosh OS X users: Put the DiffEqs folder in Library/Mathematica/Applications.)
  3. Start Mathematica, and select Rebuild Help Index from the Help menu.
  4. That's it. Now look under File > Palettes and open DiffEqsPalette. (You may need to quit and restart Mathematica before it appears there.) The palette has several tools and links to Help Browser pages.

Okay, click the button:

Still using Mathematica 4.x or 5.0? Then you only need to replace the file named DEGraphics.m with this one.

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