It’s been a few years. I had given RDL up for dead, thinking that making it work with Mathematica 6 (that’s how long it’s been) would be a real hassle and I’d be better off just trying to get NDSolve to do this stuff. Wrong!

Anyway, I got a nice email from Hamed in Iran that made me think that maybe it wouldn’t be so hard to make it work again. Thank you, Hamed in Iran!

It’s been fun making RDL work again while making use of a couple of the postmodern features of Mathematica. ;-)

So, what is ReactionDiffusionLab?

ReactionDiffusionLab is a Mathematica package that provides one function, RDDensityPlots. It computes and displays as a series of density plots the solutions of autonomous reaction-diffusion systems on a rectangular domain in R2. The system may have two or three components. Boundary conditions may be periodic or any combination of homogeneous Neumann type and (possibly nonhomogeneous) Dirichlet type.

How do I get it?

Here is a link to a zipped folder containing both the package and a notebook with documentation.

Are there restrictions on its use?

No. Do whatever you like. However, if you improve it, find a bug, or do something really cool with it, I'd love to know about it. Email me: selwyndothollis at armstrongdotedu.

Sample images

Steady state of an activator-substrate reaction


Steady states of two activator-inhibitor reactions



A snapshot of an Oregonator model


And then there's this:

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