Lorrie L. Hoffman      

Professor Emerita (retired on August 1, 2014) 

Armstrong State University
Department of Mathematics
University Hall 297C
Phone: (912) 344-2557
Email: Lorrie.Hoffman@armstrong.edu


Lorrie received her Ph.D. from the University of Iowa in 1981.

A perpetual student of college and life, Lorrie has put in time at many institutions of higher education and has seen alot of the world (mostly FIRST CLASS, having worked for the airlines) and has sampled a varied menu of employment options. She likes to get the word out about new discoveries via publications in the area of statistical theory and applications. Check out the next conference she is speaking at. Lorrie puts lots of novel course notes and stuff on the web. Check out some of the people you can meet .


Educated in the hotbed of statistical excellence - the Midwest at Moraine Valley Community College; Chicago State University; Western Illinois University; University of Illinois and University of Iowa


As for the school of hard-knocks (also known as the real world), gainful employment occured at such prestigious places as Illinois State Water Survey (counting raindrops); University of Illinois Research Resources Center (analyzing comfort levels of various positions for birthing mothers); TransWorld Airlines (keeping those hard drives spinning for the travel agents); United Airlines (efficiently getting those food trucks to your planes); AT&T (learning the difference between EPROM and RAM), at the illustrious (can't beat the weather) institution called University of Central Florida and now at Armstrong State University  in historic Savannah, Georgia.

Selected Publications


Program to calculate critical values for testing Cp greater than cp(low) for small samples with n odd. Download and execute in the command-prompt, MSDOS window.

Program to create upto valid 5x5 correlation matrices. Download it and also the fortran libraries into the same folder and click on the executable validcor5 to execute in the command-prompt, MSDOS window.

Website with oodles of statistical programs

* Travel grant funding by the Association for Women in Mathematics and NSF to chair an invited session in Statistical Education and to present a paper at JSM 2009 in Washington, DC

* Private consulting with a local Savannah attorney to appear as an expert witness in a discrimination case -- ended February, 2010.

"A Non-Least-Squares Method For Estimation of Broken-line Regression to Determine Plateau Time of Outputs In Some Animal Science Studies,"  on joint work with Knofcyznski, G., and Clark, S.,  presented at the Hudson Colloquium on April 20, 2011.  See: http://www.armstrong.edu/Science_and_Technology/mathematics/cst_the_hudson_colloquium_series

“Modeling Animal Mother-Infant Distance Proximity over Time to Determine a Change Point in Behavior” on joint work with Knofcyznski, G., Clark, S., Hudson, J., King, H., and Rogers, A., at the MAA Southeast Sectional Meetings, Nashville, TN, March, 2009 and at the Joint Statistical Meetings, Washington, DC, August, 2009.   

In DC in August, 2009
lor in DC
'Fostering the Rare Event (the Student-Scientist),' presented at the Anne and Sigmund Hudson Mathematics and Computing Colloquium on    August 29, 2007. See:

"Exploring Applications of Missing Data Algorithms," presented at the Anne and Sigmund Hudson Mathematics and Computer Science Colloquium on
   September 6, 2006, and at Georgia Southern University's Mathematics on September 29, 2006. 

On October 27, 2006, presenting work on factor analysis to determine success attributes leading to retention of K-12 teachers at GERA , Georgia Educational Research Association.

"Some Cautions on Applying the EM Algorithm to a Quality Assessment Application," at the 2006 Joint Research Conference on Statistics in Quality, Industry
and Technology, Knoxville, TN, June 7, 2006.     at knoxville

"Teaching A Large Enrollment Section of Math2200: Elementary Statistics," at the AASU Faculty Development Symposium, April 1, 2005.

at symposium table  

"Being One's Own Experimental Unit in the Classroom," contributed session at the AMS/MAA national annual conference in Atlanta, January 6, 2005.  Find the abstract.  

Quoted in USA Today Newspaper.  See 'about Ronald Regan'

"Math Modeling and its Role in Computer Performance Analysis," invited talk at the Ann and Sigmund Hudson Mathematics/Computer Science Colloquium, August, 2004. 

"Comparative Rankings: Ascertaining Pre- and Post-Test Differences in a Survey Instrument," by E. Reiss on joint work at the Florida Chapter Meeting of the American Statistical Association, Orlando, FL, Feburary, 2004.

"Recruitment and Restoration of the Oyster Crassostrea virginica on Intertidal Reefs in Areas with Intense Boating Activity," by L. Wall on joint work (also with Walters, L. and Sacks, P.) at Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology Association Annual Meeting, New Orleans, LA, January, 2004.

Spoke at the Florida Judges' Conference in Orlando in September, 2003


The Everglades in May, 2004.

The Charleston tea factory in 2010



Current Course Materials

Experimental Design course

Math2200 Elementary Statistics  


Friends and Family

......Sailing the San Francisco Bay in 2002

kev  and lor in key west .............................................................................................. at mallory pier in May, 2004

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Cruising the Bahamas 2009                    


Department Activities

At the 2012 High School Bowl at Armstrong on February 18, 2012
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Presenting Awards at the Spring 2011 Math BBQ
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Student Team at the MAA Math Jeopardy Competition in Nashville in March, 2009


AASU Day October 12, 2005
aasu_day_2005_1 aasu day 2004    AASU DAY October 6, 2005

Presenting at the 2007 Spring Banquet  mebanquet   
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2004 Middle School Bowl

Math Department Picnic

Our 2005 Alumna Davelyn Vinson's speech

Math Department 2005 Spring Banquet
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