W.L. Putnam

Putnam Seminar
Wed, 3-4pm, UH 123
Fall 2013

Supervisor: Dr. Sungkon Chang
office: UH293
Office hours: MWF, 9-10am
TR, 3:30-4:30pm
phone: 344-2889
  • Introduction
  • Since 1971, Armstrong Atlantic State University has participated in Putnam Mathematical Competition, and in 1974, Philip Strenski as an Armstrong team member became a Putnam fellow. The Armstrong Putnam team for 2013 consists of two undergraduate students of Armstrong Atlantic State University:
    Farbod Kabasi, Nicolas Smoot, Joseph Dinatale
    The faculty members participating this year are
    Tim McMillan, James Brawner, Tim Ellis.
  • List of Armstrong Putnam Teams
  • Hudson Colloquium Talks: 73rd 72nd 71th, 70th, 69th.