PANTS X at Savannah GA

Local Organizers
Mark Budden
Sungkon Chang
The Palmetto Number Theory Series (PANTS) is a series of number theory meetings held at colleges and universities in South Carolina, the Palmetto State, funded by the NSF and NSA. The core members of the PANTS consortium are Clemson University and University of South Carolina.
    The goal of the PANTS meetings is to provide an opportunity for number theorists in South Carolina, and more generally, in the Southeast, to hear about recent research in all areas of number theory, pure and applied.
     The 10th conference was held at Armstrong Atlantic State University, Savannah GA, on Sep 19-20, 2009, with about thirty participants.


Plenary Speakers
  • Amod Agashe (Florida State University)
  • Ling Long (Iowa State University)
  • Riad Masri (University of Wisconsin)
  • Michael Dewar (University of Illinois)

Contributed Speakers
  • Jim Brown (Clemson University)
  • Matt Boylan (University of South Carolina)
  • Sharon Garthwaite (Bucknell University)
  • Jangwoo Park (Clemson University)
  • Catherine Trentacoste (Clemson University)

All Participants

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We would like to thank all the speakers and participants for visiting the university, and especially Tim McMillan, Sean Eastman, James Brawner, and Marc Mascolo for their help.