Aug 21, 2013

in deep thought

Name/Contact Info:
   Sungkon Chang,
      Students in my courses, please,
        use the WebAssign or D2L mail.

       Phone: 912-344-2889


Mathematical Interest:
  • Arithmetic of abelian varieties
  • Modular curves
          and Automorphic forms
  • Algebraic number theory
  • Geometry of Physics

Introduction for general audience
Invitation to Advanced Studies

Number Theory Web
A gateway to number theory

My Student Hall of Fame


  • 2011 Southeast Regional Meeting on Numbers.
  • Spring Problem Session and Fall Putnam Seminar
  • Palmetto Number Theory Series X at Savannah, GA
Article Reviews

Recent Talks:
  • Nov, 2012:
    The geometry of Einstein's Theory of Relativity, Part II
    Hudson Colloquia, AASU
  • Apr, 2012:
    The geometry of Einstein's Theory of Relativity, Part I
    Hudson Colloquia, AASU
  • Nov, 2011: Introduction to Differential Geometry,
    Hudson Colloquia, AASU
  • Apr, 2011: Reflection on the 71th Putnam Competition,
    Hudson Colloquia, AASU
  • Oct, 2010: The algebra of Grand Unified Theories,
    Hudson Colloquia, AASU

  • Talk(s) coming:
  • Diophantine Approximation,
    Hudson Colloquia, AASU
  • Mathematics and Music,
    Hudson Colloquia, AASU
Slides of my talks.


Teaching in Fall 2013:
  • Precalculus (2), Differential Equations,
    Putnam Seminar
  • Course websites are set up at D2L or at WebAssign.
  • D2L is available in Port of Armstrong
Publications Projects:
  • Finding a curve over the rationals with arbitrarily large genus with MW rank 0
  • Verification of Birch and Swinnerton-Dyer Conjecture for quadratic twists of elliptic curves.
  • Generalization of my thesis: twists on cyclic covering of curves of positive genus.
  • Quadratic reciprocity on Galois conjugates