Dr. Mark Budden
Associate Professor

Office:  UH 289

            Phone:  912-344-3250         



Curriculum Vitae

My Mathematical Ancestry

Research Interests:  Algebraic Number Theory, Representation Theory, and Automorphic Forms

Summer Course:  College Algebra

Seminars:  Hudson Math Colloquium and Mathematics Research Seminar

PANTS X  (PAlmetto Number Theory Series X) was hosted by the AASU Mathematics Department Sept. 19-20, 2009

Publications and Works in Progress (* indicates student coauthor):

M. Budden, On the Local Coefficients of Principal Series Representations of Metaplectic Groups (dissertation)  pdf

M. Budden, Local Coefficient Matrices of Metaplectic Groups, Journal of Lie Theory 16 (2006), 239-249.  pdf

M. Budden, P. Hadavas, L. Hoffman, and C. Pretz, Generating Valid 4×4 Correlation Matrices, Applied Mathematics E-Notes 7 (2007), 53-59.  pdf
(Also, see Lorrie Hoffman's program "validcor" at Carnegie Mellon University's StatLib)

M. Budden, R.J. Eisenmenger*, and J. Kish*, A Generalization of Scholz's Reciprocity Law, Journal de Théorie des Nombres de Bordeaux 19 (2007), 583-594.  pdf

M. Budden, P. Hadavas, and L. Hoffman, On the Generation of Correlation Matrices, Applied Mathematics E-Notes 8 (2008), 279-282.  pdf

B. Bailey, M. Budden, and U. Ghosh-Dastidar, Practical Tips for Managing Challenging Scenarios in Undergraduate Research, Resources for Undergraduate Research in Mathematics 3 (2008).  pdf

B. Bailey, M. Budden, M. Dorff, and U. Ghosh-Dastidar, Undergraduate Research: How Do We Begin?, MAA Focus 29, No. 1 (2009), 14-16.  pdf

M. Budden, A. Collins*, K. Ellis*, and S. Savioli*, Rational Residuacity of Primes, (2009) submitted.

M. Budden, S. Eastman, S. King*, and A. Moisant*, Permutations of Rational Residues, (2009) submitted.

B. Budden, M. Budden, G. Case, and M. Cherry, Advanced Instrument Response Formula for a Rotational Modulator, in preparation.

M. Budden and S. Eastman, Local Coefficient Matrices and the Metaplectic Correspondence, in preparation.

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